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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  January 10, 2013 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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kurdish government since the 1980's. >> by the time the bodies were removed this morning, riot police were forming a cordon around the murder scene. among them, the yellow hot militant groups. the women were found in a locked room of the information center. they had been shot in the head. the interior minister promised a thorough investigation. they were executed, he said, an extremely grave matter. three women were turkish born activists, the key figure was a co-founder of the group in the 1970's. another was the representative of the national congress based in brussels. the third was a young activist. since 1984, they have been
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fighting a bitter guerrilla war with turkey including human rights in the economy in the southeast of the country. the government has been holding talks for the leader of the group. vicki was a good friend of his, deeply involved in the peace talks. many believe she was the target. >> not all agree with the leader. they would point of the vendor at the -- a point the finger at the deep state of turkey. >> it is a problem with terrorism, and it has the last terrorists. >> tonight, a prince came. >> funding for this presentation -- hundreds came.
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>> to pakistan where police say more than 100 people have been killed in separate bombings in the country. the death toll has climbed and many more people have been injured. >> a bomb in the center that appears to have targeted soldiers. and then an attack at a religious gathering, 20 killed at this time. and in the evening, the bombing in an area where members share a muslim minority. journalists and onlookers have gathered at the site. and the building collapsed. scores of people, according to the police, have been killed. there are groups whose main aim is to target the shia muslims. hundreds have been killed.
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the authorities fail, and they find a way to end the bloodshed. >> reporting on a violent day in pakistan. barack obama announced he is nominating the white house chief of staff as america opposing new treasury secretary. saying he has his complete trust. he will replace timothy geithner that does not wish to serve a second term. the vice president continued his meetings on how to curb gun violence in america. he wants to give his proposals to president obama by tuesday of next week. he said why it is important act now. >> nothing that has gotten to the heart of the matter more than the visual image of six year-old kids riddle. not shot with a stray bullet,
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but rattled. >> of the comments came on the same day that a student was shot and wounded at a california high school where another was taken into custody. for more, the vice president was meeting in the white house as we were getting news that there was yet another school shooting, and there is a real sense of urgency that is still there. >> we saw president obama after the shooting a visibly upset, saying he would use the power of his office to act on gun- control and do it quickly. he asked joe biden to convene with a sense of urgency. they had been meeting to move things forward quickly. they want to get in that space while people are still shocked about the killings. the tragic irony is that while
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he was meeting people and talking about it today, on the west coast, somebody else was firing at a school. >> he wants to give proposals to the president by tuesday. >> he was forthright. has met with people like advocacy groups, prevention organizations, justice organizations, and there is an emerging consensus, a couple things that want to look at our universe of background checks. they are thinking of tightening that up. and the availability of high- capacity magazines, the same types have been used in recent shootings. we should note that the gun used in the california shooting was a shotgun. the cartridges are unlikely to come under new types of legislation. he said there is nothing we can
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do this awful shootings, but they want to try as best they can. dodge the nra put out a statement that looked like there is room for compromise. >> not at all. they said guija best protection from a bad guy with a gun is another guy with a gun. we want to have a conversation about the marketing of violence and the collapse of federal prosecution. we were disappointed with how little it had to do with keeping children safe and how much it had to do with an agenda on the second amendment. we'll take our meaningful contributions to members of congress that are interested in having a conversation on what works and what does not. the power of the nra with -- will remain with people that do not favor gun control. >> the gang rape of a young
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woman has sparked international outrage. the suspect had been tortured and coerced into a admitting the crime. all five appeared in court for a second time today, security was tight and protests continue demanding justice for the victim. >> under tight security. the five men accused of the rape and murder of the woman arrived back court. a man believed to be 17 will be tried separately. today's proceedings were held behind closed doors. after a chaotic scenes earlier this week, the magistrate took the decision to hold all future hearings in private. a decision which has sparked much criticism with many saying the level of outrage and national interest means the details should be made public.
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the student was traveling home with a male friend and repeatedly raped and brutally attacked on this bus seat on cc gp. -- cctv. even the local bar association refused to provide legal help for the accused. all of them now have legal representation. his client says he was forced into making a confession. >> this 22-year-old boy was picked from his village and tortured for 10 days. he was coerced into it mission and is unable to speak out. you tell me, is torture the only way? should justice be done or an innocent person be hanged. >> how they refused to comment on the claims citing legal restrictions. it opened up a wider debate on how women are treated in india.
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protests and vigils continue today in the capital, calling for change. the fast track for sex offenses have been set up after the attack. it will take years for victims to get their case to court. it will take far longer to change mindsets in a country where many women still suffer. >> that case has captured media attention of around the world, but a similar case in south africa where 600,000 people are sexually assaulted every year has largely gone unnoticed. police are searching for suspects accused of raping a student on wednesday. our africa correspondent reports. >> another gang rape in south africa in fields close to a university were a 21-year-old
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woman was going to enroll. she was attacked at night and survived. for other students, the incident has come as no surprise. >> [indiscernible] it is not ok. >> there must be something done about them. >> of the gang rape here has provoked little more than a collective shrug across south africa, almost stunned by the scale of the problem. 600,000 people are sexually assaulted every year. >> this woman was gang-raped in 2010 and she has become a vocal campaigner for women's rights in what she believes to be a damaged society. >> gender-based violence is part
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of the patriarchal culture. >> into thinking it is endemic? >> is an everyday thing. it happens on a daily basis. >> i think that fear, there is violence, because the perpetrator, most of the time, has the power in one way or the other. >> there has been some soul- searching in recent days as people have noticed the huge public outcry in india. >> we should not have campaigns on the basis of an incident that happened today. it is on going. >> south africa is struggling to change in the face of what many
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call a rape epidemic. >> you are watching bbc world as america. and inauguration, missing the big day in venezuela. it doesn't stop tens of thousands from turning out. journalists at one of china's top newspapers have ended their protest against government censorship. they have gone on strike after an official replaced a new year editorial calling for guaranteed constitutional rights. he revels in the newsroom managed to hit a nerve nationwide. today, a few protesters were forcibly cleared by plainclothes officials. >> this is what you get for speaking out in china.
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bundled on to this wheelchair, they took away this demonstrator. he was the only one today. the cities have become a rallying point for those seeking political change in china. journalists have been on strike after an editorial calling for political reform was censored by the government. the staff are back at work. >> a sound off may have ended, but outside, the protesters are still gathering to show their support for the newspaper. >> they speak the truth, says this woman. i've got no where else to go to tell my misery. the ripples of this newspaper strike are being felt across china. >> i think this incident will go down in history books. it is a very influential newspaper.
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they stood up and said no on the controls imposed upon them, so this is significant. >> demonstrators say that without freedom of speech, china will reach a dead end. authorities are showing little sign of listening. >> today should have been the day that hugo chavez was sworn in as the venezuelan president. his supporters took to the streets of the capital, and the controversial figure has led the oil-rich company since 1999. he remains in hospital after having cancer surgery. >> he said his absence would promote a constitutional crisis, a power vacuum.
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this was their response. legions of supporters converged to declare that he was there. for he is the people, and they are him. >> the message is that whatever is happening, the revolution is alive and well. and here to stay. >> this is where his power lies in the shantytown. he has spent the oil wealth on welfare, health care, housing. they love him for it. there is something religious in the devotion he inspires. i have a lot to thank him for, she told me. the president gave me an apartment. he swept to power 14 years ago promising a socialist revolution and offering himself as a global alternative to capitalism. he challenged u.s. power and
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made friends with enemies. among the educated middle class, he is profoundly unpopular, hated by many and even feared. that oncologist in the country's leading cancer clinic says that violent crime has swept of venezuela. >> a number of my colleagues go around in vehicles, very scared for their lives. every week, one of my friends' families is hit by a kidnapper. that is the terror that we live in. >> in the face of his loyalty, the opposition seems weekend. they dropped their demand for fresh elections and called off a rival demonstration of their own. for now, there is no power
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vacuum. despite his absence. >> for more on his health, i am joined by the one who formerly served as the director of the central bank. he is so reviled here in washington and you see those people turning out for an inauguration where he is not present and this is not in north korea situation where there are forced in, they really love him. >> his talent is the ability to connect with the people and that he is taking care of their interests. and without him, they would be bereft of any protection. >> what kind of country are we going to find? >> a deeply divided country. it is divided, as you saw, from
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those that don't like him and those that adore him. that is not a social divide. in which the middle class doesn't like him and the poor does. 45% voted against him. the country doesn't have a middle class. in order to get 45% of the vote, that means the millions of poor people voted against him, but people also voted for him. they have a very strong an almost spiritual connection with him. >> he wrote an article that said he has left behind, leaving behind a country with economic crisis of historic proportions. >> the second largest fiscal deficit in the world and also one of the highest inflation in
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the world. an oil exporter, there are shortages of all kinds of staples and products and goods. in the domestic capacity to produce, even the oil industry has declined, and so the country needs changes in the economic policy, they are going to be inevitable and unpopular. his successor will have to make those tough decisions. the people ask out why a it is so much better under the appointed successor. >> because he was spending so much of the oil money there. he is alive, in cuba, but people must be thinking about the succession. >> he went on television a month ago and anointed his vice-
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president. he said there should be an election. if for some reason i cannot come back or how i am not in the position of running the country, and they should have an election and of like you to vote for him. he had been anointed, the election has to take place. there are rivals and factions inside the government. it is important to understand that he was a great unifier, both of the forces behind him and the opposition. >> we will speak to you when you get back. now, to the nominations of hollywood. theen spielberg's sought lincoln took home top honors. a dozen shots at a global statuette. but silver linings playbook got nominations in all four acting
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categories, the first time the film has done so in three decades. >> could this be the year of the romantic comedy? it might be with the eight nominations leading to oscars. it tells the story of a man with bipolar disorder. >> i used to be on lithium. >> i am tired and want to go. >> you have poor social skills. >> i am the president of the united states, closed in immense power. >> he could win the third oscar of his career. >> the film about the pioneering anti slavery president has 12 nominations. >> django.
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has made the's film prestigious best category. >> the recognition and being invited to the party is a lot of fun. >> the film of life of supply featuring a computer-generated tiger received 11 nominations. >> it makes for an interesting story. the youngest ever nominee for her performance in beasts of the southern wild. and the 85-year-old is the oldest ever nominee in the category for her performance. >> you know what that means. >> leading the charge with eight nominations, including one for a huge jackman as leading actor, to whom i spoke recently.
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>> it is the industry, and no offense to a australia, but it is fun. >> the latest bond movie was overlooked for the best picture award, but the opening number was one of five nomination. it would be a remarkable time in the life of the singer from london. >> i love them all, it will be hard to pick. get out dates on all of the story using any time on our web site. thank you for watching in tune in tomorrow. >> the funding of this presentation is made possible by the free menfoundation of new
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